Thursday, November 20, 2014

Revision 3738 - Revision 3756

Revision 3738
Rvs82191: ok now i'm done with quest do it and enjoy the prerequisites are having the ranch and the dungeon installed on the ranch.

Revision 3739
Lillibilli: Fixed the crash for when the player who has a job in a brothel sings in for the night in another one.
Added a check to avoid the player exiting the brothel if they have a job in the first place.

Revision 3740
Lillibilli: nothing to see here for players, just some fixed variables names to avoid future conflicts with new quests.

Revision 3741
Rvs82191: (I don't know what he added in the patch)

Revision 3742
Darkheart8500: tree cutting is temporarily unavailable till we can figure out how to upgrade it.

Revision 3743
Lillibilli: temporarily removed the interaction with the doctor guy in the slums market, he seems to be the cause of the girls stuck problem, if the bug still happens let me know.

Revision 3744
Lillibilli: (don't know what is added)

Revision 3745
Lillibilli: fixed Malon quest to show her knocked out sprite, Fixed Terra quest version of the forest to look like the normal one, Fixed Ayane/Kasumi quest getting stuck if the choice to bring Kasumi to Ayane was taken, Fixed filenames for some dynamic sprites.

Revision 3746
Lillibilli: Fixed crash when trying to escape battle with the main character dead. minor touch up to the golden tiara and light robe dynamic sprites.

Revision 3747
Lillibilli: Added Lingerie dynamic sprite for the 4 body types that were missing it.

Revision 3748
Lillibilli: Readded the lumberjack quest, added missing combat classes.

Revision 3749
Allcor: (Don't know)

Revision 3750
Lillibilli: (Don't know)

Revision 3751
Lillibilli: Fixed the bug that allowed gaining the medic trait while having Medic(Chakra), fixed vanishing of the wrong npc at the entrance of Ry'Leh, removed the climbable wall to get behind the hydra.

Revision 3752
Lillibilli: Fixed typo that caused some of the dynamic sprite items to not work on the loli body type, fixed a misaligned pic in Ry'Leh.

Revision 3753
Allcor: little Viper quest update, changed 'forcefield' and completed questlog.

Revision 3754
Allcor: Some fixes on maps and pictures. Nassun on the forum gave some face pics. Looked at other pics as well.  Staligmites in the mountaintown mine now block and show on top of player. 
all desert npc's now face correctly after actions. 

Revision 3755
Allcor: Various Fixes

Monday, November 10, 2014

Revision 3721 - Revision 3737

Revision 3721

Rvs82191: here it is my progress on the quest thus far

Revision 3722

Rvs82191: last tweaks to my first 5 maps of the quest it should all be working great now try it plz :D 

Revision 3723
Rvs82191: Alright quest is almost done now has +3 maps and only needs 2 more maps and the next one will hopefully be quick 2.

Revision 3724
Darkheart8500: norther-fork updated, outside merchant district updated for transition to northern fork, cross roads between small house and slums updated transition to northern fork, guard house updated with basment added, forest 1 maps updated [main and quests], if any problems are found please report them.

Revision 3725
Darkheart8500: fixed transition between northern fork and guard house.

Revision 3726
DarkHeart8500: guard house F1 door removed.

Revision 3727
Darkheart8500: tree corrected untill further update, forest clearing transition fixed.

Revision 3728
Darkheart8500: Fixed trees, tree re-spawn increased.

Revision 3729
Darkheart8500: transitions fixed in guard house, weather effects added to forest clearing, forest clearing trees fixed.

Revision 3730
Darkheart8500: from lillibilli ayane scene crash fixed, maid report and negative exp accumulation(doesn't fix the healing itself tho)

Revision 3731
Darkheart8500: LilliBilli has now released a fix, this fix corrects the problem that causes negative constitution when healing thanks again lillibilli ^_^

Revision 3732
Rvs82191: Second to last map is done now for the last map already have the map just need to do it and the text document and it will finally be done woot!

Revision 3733
Darkheart8500: additional foliage added to northern-fork, bush flag added to long grass on northern-fork.

Revision 3734
Allcor: Faris dynamic sprite, Start to Desert Viper quest cave.

Revision 3735
Darkheart8500: northern fork long grass fix, northern fork roof fixed.

Revision 3736
Rvs82191: alright done with quest try not to start before i put in the finishing touches.

Revision 3737
Rvs82191: ok same as before now i only need 1 bit of coding to finish this entirely also took out the shortcut to begin quest.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revisions 3710 - Revision 3720

Revision 3710 Darkheart tree chop quest, Refia pic update, some rescaling & some map fixes.

Revision 3711 fixes and extra egg quest.

Revision 3712 New girls quest in progress been gone for a while but i'm back to test it thus click on a rock next to starter mountain brothel but save beforehand nowhere near finished.

Revision 3713 sorry forgot the maps and other stuff.

Revision 3714-3715 Script update! Lillibilli shared code he wrote, he got most of the brothel functions working again. forest 1 has been looked at, dark would like to hear feedback.  Beside this I made some other touchups.

Revision 3716 Tifa quest placed players on non existent position.

Revision 3717 Deleted some pics.

Revision 3718 For future reference nobody should just up and delete somebody's pics unless they are gonna replace and or modify them(looking at u parth) but yeah here's 2 more maps of my quest for testing enjoy.

Revision 3719 A better update and a perm fix for the bedroom scene.

Revision 3720
Added the quest-log to the brothel help menu (not completely save compatible)

Fixed Fran's bunny girl replacement appearing only once after completing the quest (not save compatible)

Fixed Aerith quest not starting if didn't give money to the orphanage and won against Yuffie (not save compatible)

Added variable to the last phase of the card captor quest (not save compatible)

Added an choice to use or not use the poisoned needle in Ayane/Kasumi quest

Fixed the variable in the end of Ayane/Kasumi quest to reflect your choice on who to save (not save compatible)

Added variable to the end state of the sick old man in the desert (not save compatible)

Added variables to the hookah quest in the desert (not save compatible)

Added variables to the salt quest in the desert (not save compatible)

Added variable to the egg quest (not save compatible)

Added variables to the dragon quest (not save compatible)

Added variables for the hunter quests

Fixed missing bed-warmer room for Lighthouse and Beggar's palace (not save compatible, DON'T sign in on those brothels on an old save)


added start of the WANTED quest.  

Changed text of crazy mind control person.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Revision 3700 - 3709

Revision 3700
fixed some dialogue glitches. if anyone notices more, please post it in the bug report.

Revision 3701

fixed almost every spelling and grammatical error in game. The bird no longer talks.

Revision 3702

Committing an xml of all the animations: Export.xml

Revision 3703

Wendy Marvel (Fairy Tales) pic update.

Revision 3704

added Shura Kirigakure from Ao no Exorcist.

Revision 3705

couple small fixes

fixed game braking error caused by stats.txt should be stats.xml
coconuts in palms on the island now show up in front of character
removed rogue shadow on the island

Revision 3706 

uncensored sailor moon pic and other pic stuff.

Revision 3707

Made npc who can give you a actor, so you can test new chars (dynamic sprite). 
Updated actor id list, were a couple double assignments.
Added Ai Haibara from Detective Conan.

Revision 3708

allcor: exedentaly auto-safe (What ever that means)

Revision 3709

allcor: one day i will not make fuckups, but it is not this day.‏

Monday, October 6, 2014

Revision 3698

Dragon Inn quest done by one of out devs, don't know all the detail yet so try it out :3

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Revision 3697

Revision 3697 fixed and added a few signs. replaced/organized a few pics

Friday, September 12, 2014

Revision 3693 - Revision 3695

Revision 3693

drowning man quest

Revision 3694 

added some more dialogue to mermaid event 

Revision 3694

water boy again

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Revision 3692

Revision 3692 Update beach workrooms to get rid of script crashes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Revision 3691

Revision 3691 Fix a bunch of bugs in the upgraded beach brothel bunk area. There's still a timing problem, but at least people and sheets go in the right place.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Revision 3687 - 3690

Revision 3687
Proof the mountain city's pub and mine. 

Revision 3688
Reword a sentence in the mountain pub.

Revision 3689
Clean up a couple errant tiles (one in slum center, the other outside beach brothel.

Revision 3690
Fix the beach brothel bunk area maps so that trying to talk to sleeping characters no longer crashes the game.