Saturday, April 18, 2015

Revision 4110

Revision 4110
Lillibilli: Fixed the heartland's thief key quest to not repeat itself after being completed.
(Revamp script)
Added log info to Dungeon and Teacher.
Maid, Medic, Cook and Primary jobs still missing log info.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Revision 4108 - Revision 4109

Revision 4108
Fixed spider cave maps transfers to follow the correct layout.
Fixed the stairs in the wing connection in the spider cave.
Improved west and east corridors of the spider cave to not abruptly snap scroll.

Revision 4109
Ninja Island quest first map! This'll grow bigger rather quickly.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Revision 4103 - Revision 4107

Revision 4103
(Revamp script)
Merged skills XML updated loader and template.

Revision 4104
Fixed Kingdom Hearts' Kairi to have her own default equip.
Fixed error in the XML of Naruto's Hinata Hyuuga equip.

(this changes will only take effect on new saves, old saves will still have the bugged equipment)

Revision 4105
Fixed crash when signing in into a brothel with slower PCs. 

Revision 4106
New SP calculation formula, and a couple of methods definded in a new library module i needed for the new formula
Can monitor all the changes with the -[SPScript]- tag, in the search function.

Revision 4107
Uploaded first draft of the Deril's brothel interior. (not accessible for players yet, as is Deril itself)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Revision 4102

Revision 4102
Lillibilli: Changed Elemental Bulwark skill id from 414 to 330 to avoid conflicts with the Weapon Master class.
This fix is not retroactive and will only work on new games. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Revision 4098 - Revision 4099

Revision 4098
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
End of day log now fires off properly at 6:00.
Added handle_girl_log method as a framework for adding stuff to the log, need to find out a way to pass on to the stat changes to the method.
Bedwarmer string for end of day log added.

Revision 4099
Edwards21: New graphics for City Hunter to match his new dialogue!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Revision 4093 - Revision 4097

Revision 4093
Edwards21: First of two corrections for the City Hunter. Dialogue rewritten, new characterization.

Revision 4094
Edwards21: Encounters added to the Southern Plains! Including two special minibosses! See if you can beat them! (No real reward at this time, we'll get there)

Revision 4095
Lillibilli: Fixed Player speed not resetting to gameplay speed after refusing to buy Asuka Soryu from the old man.
Changed the 3rd quest of Mohawk chain to make returning to the mayor of Arune optional if Devlin was killed.
Converted Introduction and Kobold quest dialogue to external txt format.

Revision 4096
Lillibilli: Swapped the guards in the Deril military checkpoint to Deril guards.
Fixed Deril military checkpoint shops.
Various minor fixes for the plains.
Fixed Yeti Cave teleporting players in front of Xalvador room after it was opened.
Fixed Xalvador entrance potential to be blocked if certain action are taken.
Added Dialogue after the fight with Xalvador. (nothing too special, just an acknowledgement so that it doesn't look bugged)
Added advance_hour_to(hour) script method to the CCTS script to advance to a specific hour of the day.
Added bed to sleep in during the Ayane/Kasumi quest, usable after you get locked out if you try to sneak in during the day.
The Scroll of Antidotes is temporarily split and hidden in the 4 corners of the world.

P.S: The Scroll of Antidotes will not stay an hidden object (or 4) forever, a proper quest to gain it is in the works.

Revision 4097
Lillibilli: Evented puzzle for a WIP quest.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Revision 4076 - Revision 4092

Revision 4076
Edwards21: And I'm back! Some updates to various maps in and around Deril. More updates and new stuff to come this weekend!

Revision 4077
Edwards21: Little update to correct old oversight in the spider cave.

Revision 4078
Edwards21: Big mechanical update to the Mage Tower / Octo quest. Floating platform mechanic implemented, in testing. Stairs and map connections added. Treasure chests added. Some corrections and bugfixes to other areas. More updates to come.

Revision 4079
Lillibilli: WIP Quest: Mage Tower
- Platforms almost fixed (missing recording position for the red floor ones).
- Gates and Switches puzzle eventing ironed out. 

Revision 4080
Lillibilli: Added a couple of missing charset

Revision 4081
Edwards21: Updates to mage tower, boss added, some fixes.

Revision 4082
Lillibilli: (Revamp Script)
Added Bedwarmer_ableness_hash to database and doc

Changed methods:
- Added bedwarmer framework
- Added loop skipping if no girl is assigned in the various jobs

- Added method to actor class (uses the player id if the argument is "Player")

handle_stat_exp(stat_id, value, reason=nil)
- Added bedwarmer conditionals

- Will now get the the player id if the argument for actor_id is "Player"
- Added conditionals for bedwarmer and guards
- Added conditional to create the key for the girl id if the key was not there before
- Added caps for relationships at -100 and 100

handle_health_gain(value, reason=nil)
- added conditional for bedwarmer with player not in the brothel

def handle_health_loss(value, reason=nil)
- added conditionals for bedwarmer

Revision 4083
Lillibilli: Fixed Red Platforms in the mage tower.
Added Remember Event Position script by Shaz (modified by me to work for SB2).
Instruction to use the script calls are at line 634 of the "Miscellaneous" script page.

Revision 4084
Lillibilli: WIP Quest: Mage Tower
- General imprevements and tileset additions.
- Final event pathing slightly reworked.

Revision 4085 - Revision 4086
Lillibilli: Added Player reputation system script.
Instructions and reference list are on the "Reputations" script page.
Added a couple of rep changes to test things out, no effect to players yet. 

Revision 4087
Lillibilli: Fixed lumberjack tent.
Removed random debug teleports from Nivalis.
Added more obvious pathing leading to Captain Mohawk lair.
Swapped chest in frosted forest for something more in line with the rest of the game.

(revamp script)
Updated Secrets menu, not yet complete.

Revision 4088
Edwards21: Big update!
Ever wanted to beat up a giant octopus? Now's your chance! A big ol' monster has taken up residence in the river north of the Heartland. The Hunter in the City wants it dead. Do you have what it takes?

New areas: Southern Plains, and Zalbar's Mage Tower (NOTE: neither of these two areas have random battles yet, that will be corrected tomorrow)

Tileset update for "riversite.png"

Various bug corrections in Arune and surrounding areas.

Two new pieces of equipment: Hunter's Season (cloak) and Zalbar's Focus (accessory)

Please report bugs ASAP!

Revision 4089
Lillibilli: Actors will now get untagged when removed form the party.
Sold free staff can now be bought back. (Desert Viper might have an issue with this for saves that have her unlocked before this rev)
Desert Viper added to quest merc array.

(Revamp script)
Added some info in the database that was only added to the current version.

Revision 4090
Lillibilli: Reimplemented girls that were reserved for quest that have since been put on hold.
Lenna Tycoon quest trigger chance has been changed from 1% to 40%, other requirements are the same as before.

Revision 4091
Lillibilli: Fixed Lenna Tycoon not being buyable in the market when the her quest was resolved without getting her.
Some minor events fixes.
Added framework for thiefville couple event, still needs graphics before implementation.

Revision 4092
Lillibilli: Removed a debug teleport near Devlin.
Altered some Captain Mohawk questline dialogue to better advertise to the player the current objective.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Revision 4067 Revision 4075

Revision 4067
Lillibilli: (revamp script)
added hashes:
- Teacher_ableness_hash

updated handle_secondary_work
- added teacher calculations (need double checking)
- added submethod check_higest_stat to check the teacher highest stat

Revision 4068
Lillibilli: Fixed a couple of trees not showing the correct sprite after being cut.
Fixed Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen) having the Free Soul trait 2 times. (only works on new games) 

Revision 4069
Lillibilli: Added a functioning item shop to nivalis.
Fixed a few layering and collisions issues in nivalis.
Fixed the thief at the end of the Ishizu quest not taking the money for the holy spell.
Fixed scorpion tail item description.

Revision 4070
Lillibilli: Fixed error when pressing right or left on the keyboard when highlighting the auto assign button.

Revision 4071
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
Updated teacher to chose the stat to teach with a managerial choice, updated related stuff to account for this change.

Revision 4072
Lillibilli: Added a more descriptive error message to a crash in the FMOD module when there is a music switch, as i'm unable to reproduce this crash on my machine i need the error data reported in the forums or chat.

Revision 4073
Lillibilli: Added better advertisement of when girls are tagged in the girl management menu.
(Revamp script)
Removed obedience from the choices of teachers

Revision 4074
Lillibilli: Rebuilt Bulma's quest, hopefully this time it will not present any more bugs.
Fixed Android 18 quest to trigger based on the new Bulma's quest logic.
In most cases both Bulma and Android 18 will now be buy able in the market if the quests are ended without getting them.
Some minor random fixes to dialogues.

P.S: This revision might cause some strange happenings in save games with Bulma's quest in progress, it should not be anything too bad though.

Revision 4075
Lillibilli: Fixed crash when cutting a specific tree in the snowy forest under certain circumstances.
Fixed trees in the snowy forest to have stumps when cut.
Updated script calls for the tree cutting, should be easier to put trees in now.
Added tree stump charset to use for cuttable trees.
Corrected some random typos.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Revision 4062 - Revision 4065

Revision 4062
Lillibilli: Fixed sprites disappearing when another event with the same sprite was changed or erased. (aka no more ninja kobolds)

Revision 4063
Black_imperator: future revamp, updated brothel loader and template for management decisions.

Revision 4064
Lillibilli: (Revamp script) updated handle_waiting_cust method:
- guard intervention effects are in the guard_intervening? method now.
- some minor updates to some errors i made.
- linked the conditionals to the correct management decisions.

Revision 4065
Lillibilli: Linked Management Menu choices to the correct management_decisions variable in the brothel class.
Added default decisions for all the keys in management_decisions in the brothel generation process.
Removed default key from potential_management_decisions as it caused duplicated values once defined in the xml.
Added Management decisions in the xml of the brothels. (all on first available upgrade, might want to make it a gradual unlock for balance)
Corrected some conditional to check the correct management decision.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Revision 4059 - Revision 4060

Revision 4059
Lillibilli: Fixed Lisanna Strauss's gloves, should no longer crash in the menu when the sprite is drawn.
Fixed some misalignments on the japan mixed tileset.
Uploaded DeWasp's bar and inn maps for Deril.

Revision 4060
Lillibilli: Fixed Alena Tsarevna crash in menus when the sprite is drawn. Unfortunately it is not save compatible, if you have her in a savegame started before this revision. You should sell, store or otherwise put her where her sprite will not be drawn.