Friday, February 27, 2015

Revision 4062 - Revision 4065

Revision 4062
Lillibilli: Fixed sprites disappearing when another event with the same sprite was changed or erased. (aka no more ninja kobolds)

Revision 4063
Black_imperator: future revamp, updated brothel loader and template for management decisions.

Revision 4064
Lillibilli: (Revamp script) updated handle_waiting_cust method:
- guard intervention effects are in the guard_intervening? method now.
- some minor updates to some errors i made.
- linked the conditionals to the correct management decisions.

Revision 4065
Lillibilli: Linked Management Menu choices to the correct management_decisions variable in the brothel class.
Added default decisions for all the keys in management_decisions in the brothel generation process.
Removed default key from potential_management_decisions as it caused duplicated values once defined in the xml.
Added Management decisions in the xml of the brothels. (all on first available upgrade, might want to make it a gradual unlock for balance)
Corrected some conditional to check the correct management decision.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Revision 4059 - Revision 4060

Revision 4059
Lillibilli: Fixed Lisanna Strauss's gloves, should no longer crash in the menu when the sprite is drawn.
Fixed some misalignments on the japan mixed tileset.
Uploaded DeWasp's bar and inn maps for Deril.

Revision 4060
Lillibilli: Fixed Alena Tsarevna crash in menus when the sprite is drawn. Unfortunately it is not save compatible, if you have her in a savegame started before this revision. You should sell, store or otherwise put her where her sprite will not be drawn.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Revision 4055 - Revision 4058

Revision 4055
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
added hashes to doc: 
- Medic_ableness_hash
- Medic_bedside_manners_hash 
- Maid_ableness_hash 
- Dungeon_mistress_ableness_hash 
- Morale_rate_hash 
- Morale_loss_rate_hash

changed methods:
def end_work 
- added handle_secondary_work 
- added compute_end_of_work_regen

def handle_secondary_work 
- added method
 - added maid handling 
- dungeon handling incomplete 
- teacher handling missing

def compute_end_of_work_regen 
- added method 
- food type calculations still missing

def handle_health_gain(value, reason=nil) 
- added "EndWork" conditional

def handle_morale_gain(value, reason=nil)
 - added "EndWork" conditional

def add_excitement(cause, brothel_id = nil) 
- added brothel_id argument (to pass down to get_excitement_modifier)

def get_excitement_modifier(cause, brothel_id = nil) 
- added brothel_id argument
 - added check for maid in daily cleaning mode 
- modifier gets computed from maid charisma and beauty if maid is set to daily cleaning and at least one is present, not modified by any hashes atm

def add_boredom(cause, brothel_id = nil)
def get_boredom_modifier(cause, brothel_id = nil) 
- same as excitement methods but modifier gets reduced instead of improved

def handle_stat_exp(stat_id, value, reason=nil) 
- modified reason conditional to get all stats to change internally without other arguments coming into play 
- if no reason is given it will use stat_id and value as argument for the stat handling

def get_stat_id_from_name(stat_name) 
- added method under actor class as a submethod of handle_stat_exp

def add_girl_encounter_exp(girl,sat_level) 
- renamed from add_girl_reputation_exp 
- now calls both rep and stats handle method

def handle_morale_loss(value, reason=nil) 
- added method, mirror of the health one, but for morale

Revision 4056
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
fixed syntax error and removed a couple of leftover print commands

Revision 4057
Lillibilli: Fixed bugs with Tifa's first scene, in addition it can now be triggered coming from the northern fork too.
Improved boat ride cutscene, it also now properly checks for remaining gold and subtracts them if you do chose to ride.
Starter brothels chains no longer block pathing.

Revision 4058
Lillibilli: reverted Game.ini to correct version, sorry about that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Revision 4051 - Revision 4054

Revision 4051
Lillibilli: Updated Deril Dock's boat (mostly DeWasp's work)
Updated Deril Lighthouse exterior (DeWasp)
Updated Deril Plains (ejunks100)
Removed multiple weather definitions on some maps
Fixed savegame weather data to get redefined only if weather script has been changed
Fixed CCTS's WRITE_MISSING_DATA debug tool
CCTS fix for inconsistencies of the weather when swapping maps under some specific conditions, based on ArcaneAlchemy's work
CCTS fix for weather sounds being heard on wrong maps by KK20

Revision 4052
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
merged CCTS fixes
- Fixed savegame weather data to get redefined only if weather script has been changed
- Fixed CCTS's WRITE_MISSING_DATA debug tool
- CCTS fix for inconsistencies of the weather when swapping maps under some specific conditions, based on ArcaneAlchemy's work
- CCTS fix for weather sounds being heard on wrong maps by KK20

added "sample" method to class Array in the "Library" script

added module CUST_CLASS to store the class id constants and the def self.customer_class_id_from_name(name)
previously under the DB module, it caused conflicts with the girl traits.

methods changed:
685 "Brothel" def allowed_by_bouncers?(cust)
- added "return true" as debug till the xml give default limit_type and current_limits

1358 "Brothel" def get_all_available_workers(job)
- changed "return res" to "return res.compact" so that it doesn't give nil results anymore

726 "Brothel" def get_possible_actions(cust,job)
- now returns the correct array of [action, rate] instead of an array of actions strings

764 "Brothel" def choose_possible_actions(girl,actions)
- added "ratedef += girl.obe/10" for defence against bribing
- corrected typo that caused a crash ("ratedeff" instead of "ratedef")

818 "Brothel" def test_action(action, customer, girl)
- added stat handling for bribing

1842 "Brothel" def get_rooNum(actor_id, jobNum, day=$game_system.time.week_day_num($game_system.time.day_name))
- added the "day" argument defaulting to the current day
- changed " if room.occupant_id == actor_id" to " if room.occupant_id[day] == actor_id"
- added "break if rooNum != -1" to avoid checking all the rooms if a match has already been found

3260 "New Menu" def menu_switch(index)
- added "@dayindex" as an argument to lines 3262 and 3393

Revision 4053
Lillibilli: Fixed crash in four versions of the forest's first map caused by an incorrect enemy troop list.

Revision 4054
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
improved methods:
def handle_health_gain(value, reason=nil)
- Health_rate_hash missing, added it to the doc
- added self.add_health(val) after the hash modifier

def handle_health_loss(value, reason=nil)
- added method to actor class
- added possibilities to the conditional (all set to 10 for now)
- returns the value subtracted for use in determining exhaustion if necessary
- Health_loss_rate_hash added to the doc

def exhaustion?(vigor_loss)
- shifted method into the actor class

def add_exhaustion(reason, vigor_loss = nil, additional_duration = nil)
- added missing method to the actor class
- defaults to duration of 1 if no vigor loss is given to compute the duration
- incorporated compute_exhaustion method into this one to compute duration if vigor loss was given
- after all other calculations are done it adds the additional_duration argument to the current duration (so that exhaustion lasts more than encounter duration)

def compute_exhaustion(vigor_loss)
- deleted redundant method

def test_action(action, customer, girl)
- swapped handle_health_gain with handle_health_loss
- added check for exhaustion when necessary

def handle_waiting_cust(cust)
- added vigor loss and exhaustion check to guards interventions

def handle_pasttime_effects(cust,pasttime,wants)
- added vigor loss and exhaustion checks when appropriate

def compute_vigor_loss(cust,girl,tips,enc_dur)
- changed hash operation from multiplication to addition
- Tip_vigor_loss_hash added to doc

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Revision 4049 - Revision 4050

Revision 4049
Lillibilli: (Revamp script) Merged missing hashes.

Revision 4050
Edwards21: Abandoned Mage Tower (Octo Quest) barebones architecture now complete. Many revisions to come!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Revision 4047 - Revision 4048

Revision 4047
Lillibilli: Changed default row to the front one.
Fixed the "Mute/Unmute" button not stopping the weather sounds or sound effects when muting the sound.
Fixed the "Mute/Unmute" button to make it properly resume the music and weather sounds when unmuting the sound.
Loading a save will now resume playing the weather sounds.

(Revamp script)
Same as above.
Merged the XML body checker to the actor loader.
Merged the "Disallow Movement" Switch
Merged compute_satisfaction, add_girl_reputation_exp, exhaustion? and compute_exhaustion methods.
Changed handle_encounter method argument from offer to attractiveness.
Changed handle_work method to use attractiveness as an argument instead of the offer for the handle_encounter method.

Revision 4048
Lillibilli: (Revamp script)
Fixed a few methods.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Revision 4045 - Revision 4046

Revision 4045
Lillibilli: Fixed a couple of Ranch crashes.

Revision 4046
Lillibilli: Temporarily restored missing music file to fix the boat cutscene crash, pending edward improvements.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Revision 4039 - Revision 4044

Revision 4039
Lillibilli: Updated a couple of maps for Deril.

Revision 4040
Edwards21: First floor of the new and improved sorcerer's tower! Let's see if I can make this one suck less. 

Revision 4041
Lillibilli: Fixed The intro cutscenes to disallow player movement.

Revision 4042
Lillibilli: Updated 2 more Deril houses.

Revision 4043
Black_Imperator: future revamp stuff, encounter tips

Revision 4044
Lilliblilli: Fixed Arune's meeting hall podium collisions and look.
Updated a couple of maps in Deril.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Revision 4034 - Revision 4038

Revision 4034
Lillibilli: Hopefully fixed the music not resuming correctly sometimes when the battle ends.

Revision 4035
Edwards21: Music update: fixed a crash bug in the Ranch. Added new map for Octo quest (nothing major). Finished Octo quest dialogue. Implementation begins tomorrow!

Revision 4036
Lillibilli: Added missing portraits.

Revision 4037
Edwards21: Trap segment of the Octo quest now in testing!

Revision 4038
Lillivilli: Debugged part of a WIP quest.
Improved a portrait.

Revision 4032 - Revision 4033

Revision 4032
Lillibilli: The lumberjack finally realized that it was not a good idea to leave the trunks of cut trees in the middle of the road.
Added a missing transition point to the armor and weapon shop of the merchant district.

Revision 4033
Lillibilli: Aerith quest outro cutscene fixed and improved.