Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Revision 4326 - Revision 4350

Revision 4326
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: completed "Lover" and "Relationship" secrets.</p> <p>just need "Quest" and the menu now.</div>

Revision 4327
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Restructured the Secrets System to avoid potential bug.</p>
<p>A secret is now a class (Girl_Secret) containing the relevant information and a few methods.<br>
Updated log, brothel and girl methods to conform to the new structure.<br>
Added secrets decay at the end of day after the brothels close down.</div>
Revision 4328
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Updated Secrets System menu.</p>
<p>Reworked Secrets menu to work with the new structure.<br>
Completed most of the Secrets menu, only missing HiddenTrait, HiddenTransformation and the help text.<br>
Added effects for most of the buttons in the Secrets menu, only missing VIP, HiddenTrait, HiddenTransformation and the help text.<br>
Corrected a couple of errors in the Secrets System code.<br>
Added secrets related stuff to handle_log, add_relationship, handle_vigor, handle_morale, and handle_exp methods.</div>
Revision 4329
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Hopefully fixed all the remaining bugs from the last hunter quest. (note that the fixes are not retroactive, if you found yourself stuck in the quest i can't fix it, you need to load a save from before getting stuck)<br>
Slightly changed the reward dialogue to account for the how you completed the quest.</div>
Revision 4330
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Fixed a crash by adding the Girl_morale_loss_hash and Cust_morale_loss_hash hashes that were left out.</div>
Revision 4331
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Fixed a crash by rebuilding the cache, new variables in the classes were not initialized correctly with the old cache.</div>
Revision 4332
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: fixed a couple of crashes.</p>
<p>Fixed carpenter menu crashing on a nil variable when no upgrades are possible for that brothel.<br>
Fixed Secret System crashing on a misspelled variable name.</div>
Revision 4333
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Forgot to upload the plain text script changes for the previous update.</div>
Revision 4334
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : updated balance, fixed a display in exp gain after battle</div>
Revision 4335
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixed lust display, added a small daily morale/vigor gain to working girls</div>
Revision 4336
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp: balancing medic effect</div>
Revision 4337
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixed a nil class bug</div>
Revision 4338
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp: fixing a bug with the secret system</div>
Revision 4339
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixing maid stuff, also a bug in secret stuff</div>
Revision 4340
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixed the bugs in brothel menu leading to being unable to access hostess and bath attendant menu.</div>
Revision 4341
<div class="markdown_content"><p>additional menu pictures for revamp</div>
Revision 4342
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : additional menu fixes</div>
Revision 4343
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : additional hostess/morale fix</div>
Revision 4344
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Added Customer Activity Log at the end of day summary, fixed a couple of bugs with the pasttime code, secret code and lust code.</p>
<p>Note: Requires restart.</div>
Revision 4345
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Merged old fix from the current version for variables limits.</div>
Revision 4346
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Current Version: Modified Gold window to split the text into digit groups.</p>
<p>Future Revamp: Modified Gold window to split the text into digit groups, Fixed crash in secret system, added assignment feedback on logs.</p>
<p>Assignment feedback only done for Whores, Guards and Bouncers for now, given the hash being unsorted it displays at the end rather than at the start, will need to find a workaround.</div>
Revision 4347
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Updated code to consistently use jobRoom value instead of jobName. Requires new game.</div>
Revision 4348
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Fixed mistake in my previous update, fixed a crashes when dealing with secrets, removed one leftover print command, fixed onsen room assignment.</p>
<p>Uploaded the cache i failed to rebuild in my last update. *facepalm*<br>
Fixed leftover inconsistencies with the use of jobName and jobRoom, should have got them all now.<br>
Fixed incorrect method call in the Secrets Menu.<br>
Removed print command for the actor id when assigning someone to a job.<br>
Changed Bath Attendant database entry jobRoom value from "Bath Attendant" to "Onsen", the brothel menu should now recognize the onsen room and open the assignment menu.</div>
Revision 4349
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Fixed another crash related to the jobRoom and jobName inconsistencies.</p>
<p>Modified database method for getting the job hash from the room type, it should now correctly return the correct hash.<br>
Added a database method to get the relax job hash from the room type, unused for now, will be useful if we make relaxing places assignable in the future.</div>
Revision 4350
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future Revamp: Added pasttime preferences to customers XMLs, fixed a couple of crashes, added cache rebuilding if cache is missing.</p>
<p>Fixed bedwarmer not triggering.<br>
Fixed a crash in the cust_pasttime? method.<br>
Fixed handle_work to get the correct number of workrooms, might get too many customers now though.<br>
Slightly modified the handle_work method to ensure a customer will trigger the wait? method if he tried all the girls.<br>
Dungeon Mistress will now work only when not sick.<br>
Added debug line to the apply_upgrade method to account for not existing @brothel_effects hashes keys.<br>
Cache will be rebuilt if the cache file is missing instead of crashing.</div>

Monday, August 17, 2015

Revision 4302 - Revision 4325

Revision 4302

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Geography for Niji Lava Fields finalized. Adding some new character sprites (thank you Lilli) for further Niji events.</div>

Revision 4303

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Removed rain from Niji lava fields</div>

Revision 4304

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: changed girl into girlID and girlClass related to handle_girl_log</p>
<p>The argument girl turned out to be ID in some cases and a class reference in other cases.<br>
Now it is changed to always use the class since that is what is needed in all cases.</div>

Revision 4305 - Revision 4307

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: added relax picture pattern as fallback + bugfix locating the most used picture pattern.</p>
<p>Actors will now use relax pattern if no patterns have been found.<br>
This is different from a fallback picture because it triggers on no patterns regardless of pictures present for the patterns or not.<br>
This mean this fallback will not be activated in case say a girl is a dancer with no dancing pictures, because she would still have the dancer pattern.</p>
<p>The player is the most affected actor from this change as it falls back to relax when the player isn't assigned to any jobs.</p>
<p>Fixed sort order when multiple patterns are found. It will now actually use the most used pattern instead of the least used.</div>

Revision 4308

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed movement between rooms in Wayfarer Hearth + transferPlayer upgrade.</p>
<p>Massive upgrade of code to move between rooms in Wayfarer Hearth to fix bugs and unreachable maps.<br>
-west wing can be accessed (broken door script)<br>
-can't get stuck in the kitchen (exit event missing)<br>
-work room hall in west wing accessible (broken door script)<br>
-work room 5-8 use transferPlayer to ensure correct map selection when exiting<br>
-upstairs west wing will now use the correct map for the available upgrades<br>
-upstairs west wing will no longer fast forward between different versions of the room when entering</p>
<p>For developers:<br>
transferPlayer now returns true if the player transfers and false if something went wrong.<br>
This can be used to make code to transfer or run an event if the transfer failed (like player saying "path blocked")<br>
Allows the default map ID for a brothel room to be nil, in which case the transfer will fail.</div>

Revision 4309

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed map movement in Ring of Fire.</p>
<p>Fixed upgrades on second floor vanishing (bar and dance floor)<br>
Fixed broken code for adding working girls to second floor<br>
Added 2 extra dancers (now all 3 can be seen on stage)<br>
Fixed movement to onsen<br>
Fixed movement to library</p>
<p>Note: onsen is still missing in xml, which mean it can't be added. The library can only be reached through the onsen.<br>
This mean this brothel is still broken. It's just less broken now.</div>

Revision 4310

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed bug in XML reload of brothel upgrades.</p>
<p>Looping the upgrades could sometimes fail due to failed detection of array length and reading out of bounds</div>

Revision 4311

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Bugfix: removed error message regarding NilClass when trying to place girls on brothel maps</p>
<p>The problem is with girls appearing in brothels (like teleport girl). The game tries to place a girl assigned to a room<br>
and it will cause the error if the room doesn't exist, as in upgrade not added.</p>
<p>The code did in fact check for workroom != nil, but it did it last, after using data from the workroom.<br>
Now it starts by checking for nil and if nil, it skips all other checks and acts like nobody is assigned to the room.</p>
<p>Affected methods:<br>

Revision 4312
<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : fixed maya not getting vigor gain</div>

Revision 4313
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: Bugfix: external scripts were not read if the path to the game had non-English characters</p>
<p>Note: same as rev 4266</div>

Revision 4314
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixed an issue with sick state disappearing too early</div>

Revision 4315

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: renamed brothel handle_girl_log to actor handle_log </div>

Revision 4316
<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp: cleaned actor.handle_log and changed all calls to handle_girl_log to girl.handle_log</div>

Revision 4317

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: sick girls always recover vigor + log improvements</p>
<p>Vigor and morale recovery for relax is now triggered if the girl was sick from the start. It is up to the job to make her skip work if she is sick.<br>
Maybe it would be good with a generic line telling which room the girl is assigned to when she is sick as it doesn't tell this currently.</p>
<p>Getting sick/is sick and recovering is now added to the log.</p>
<p>The log will now add instead of overwriting a key with the default arguments.<br>
If adding, a newline is also added, making each call appear on individual lines.<br>
This makes it easier to build "Results" based on events from multiple methods.</p>
<p>Also started using symbols for activity types in the log because symbol comparison is faster than string comparison.</div>

Revision 4318
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: fixed bug in last commit where EndWork_Stats for the player would be printed twice</div>

Revision 4319

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: fixed crash when assigning girls to the dungeon</div>

Revision 4320

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: sick girls can't work in the dungeon and log tells of assignment when sick.</p>
<p>Sick girls will get an extra line in the log telling that they failed to fulfill their duty as :JobName if assigned to anything.<br>
They will act like they are assigned to relax regardless of assignment, but the player will be informed of which room they block from other girls.</p>
<p>Fixed bug, which allowed getting stats from dungeon assignment while also relaxing. It doesn't look like any other jobs suffer from this issue, <br>
though all should be systematically tested when the assignment code is more mature.</div>

Revision 4321

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: made the player rely more on the standard work code.</p>
<p>Rather than special start and end code, the player will now act like any other actor regarding log start, sick check etc.<br>
The player is still special for a few checks, like battle party member (only the player can work while being in the party).</p>
<p>Also added an extra sick check to a sick log entry. Now the log should no longer be able to claim healthy actors to be sick.</div>

Revision 4322

<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : first balance for prices, maintenance and effects</div>

Revision 4323

<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : some health and morale balance</div>

Revision 4324

<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : added morale effects, log still needed</div>

Revision 4325

<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : added lust effect : todo : fill more hashes</div>

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Revision 4280 - Revision 4301

Revision 4280

<div class="markdown_content"><p>(revamp) small syntax fix from yesterday's update</div>

Revision 4281

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Speedboost: autoassign will not check unlock conditions for unlocked features</p>
<p>The problem:<br>
The game tests all autoassign unlock conditions each game minute. This slows down the game, particularly in late game.</p>
Check if the condition is unlocked (really fast check) and only look into unlock conditions for locked features.</p>
<p>Note: this check will be removed entirely with revamp.</div>

Revision 4282

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Developer: added DEBUG.PrintCaller</p>
<p>Added a method to print the method stack to a standard print window.<br>
The text is formatted to be human readable.</p>
<p>This is not actually used as the intended usage is adding DEBUG.PrintCaller in any method where you want to know which methods calls the method. You should then remove the line again before committing.</div>

Revision 4283

<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixing share_secret crash, starting xp balance</div>

Revision 4284

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added options for controlling brothel upgrade prices</p>
<p>Before this revision, all upgrade prices were generated by market level and other similar data. However the xml files do in fact contain prices and now it is possible to select which approach to use for upgrade prices, which in turn controls the daily costs.</p>
<p>This is controlled by two new options in Debug.txt</p>
<p>The defaults are set in a way, which will not add any change to the game unless the player actively modifies Debug.txt</p>
false - use calculated price (default, no change)<br>
true - use prices from xml files</p>
<p>The prices are saved in the savegames, which mean a game should reload the xml files in order for changes to apply to an existing game. Reloading prices will force recalculating the brothel values, which in turn updates the daily costs.</p>
<p>This is done with xml_reload_brothels:<br>
load - reloads on game load<br>
carpenter - reloads whenever the carpenter window is opened<br>
anything else - never (default)</p>
<p>Reloading the files causes a minor delay, which is why carpenter would likely be a bad choice unless you are trying to improve game balance.</p>
<p>The prices aren't balanced in any of the two options. Generally speaking xml prices are cheaper, particularly in high end brothels, though it does make some upgrades more expensive in low end brothels.</p>
<p>Note: the size (like number of beds in a bunk upgrade) is reloaded as well. However it is ignored if the brothel already has the upgrade since modifying the number of rooms and such would be undefined behavior and could easily result in weird bugs.</div>

Revision 4285

<div class="markdown_content"><p>fixed bedwarmer crash and pic bug, added more of the stat exp balance</div>

Revision 4286

<div class="markdown_content"><p>filled data hashes for revamp</div>

Revision 4287

<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixed a crash in carpenter menu</div>

Revision 4288

<div class="markdown_content"><p>revamp : fixing another bug in carpenter menu</div>

Revision 4289

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Applied transferPlayer calls to more maps</p>
<p>No ingame changes, but moving the conditional transfer code to scripts rather than map events should make the maps revamp compatible.</div>

Revision 4290

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: removed obsolete maps</p>
<p>Since Current Version is using transferPlayer rather than in-map scripts to move between brothel maps, revamp no longer needs custom modifications.<br>
The revamp modified maps were outdated and would cause problems eventually.</p>
<p>Note that map 165 is still in revamp as it haven't been converted to use tranferPlayer. It appears to be unused.</div>

Revision 4291

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Removed the outdated proof of concept for transferPlayer</p>
<p>The end result is implemented in Current Version.</div>

Revision 4292

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: added experimental external scripts</p>
<p>Exported the scripts into future revamp\scripts<br>
Added Scripts.rxdata in that directory, which reads scripts in ../future revamp/scripts</p>
<p>The idea is that if this Scripts.rxdata file is copied into Current Version, then it will read scripts from revamp, which in turn allows editing files without moving them out of svn.</p>
<p>The file layout and naming is the default Gemini export, which should make it easier to import back into Scripts.rxdata.<br>
This is important as these scripts aren't meant as a replacement for Scripts.rxdata, instead they are in plain text to assist with svn logs and getting an overview of progress.<br>
Full scale external scripts comes later (unless serious problems are encountered)</p>
<p>Note: currently the scripts doesn't work because it stops on text encoding issues in french comments. This can't be fixed in this commit as it violates the approach of adding files 100% identical to the content of Scripts.rxdata. Future commits can fix issues like this as it will provide proper file history for the fixes.</div>

Revision 4293

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: solved the issues, which prevented the external scripts from being loaded (actual bugfixes)</p>
<p>Removed space between function name and (<br>
Replaced = with == in comparison<br>
Replaced 0. with 0.0</p>
<p>Ruby syntax check still complains about french text encoding, but the game works even without fixing those.</div>

Revision 4294

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Updated Scripts.rxdata to include the bugfixes from the external scripts</div>

Revision 4295

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added DEBUG.PrintCaller</p>
<p>Just like in Current Version, this method will tell the call stack in a print window formatted for human readability.</div>

Revision 4296

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: added work summary to end of day log</p>
<p>Stats change are now displayed even if the girl aren't relaxing. It still needs an actual stat change to display anything<br>
Number of customers served and gold earned added to working girls</div>

Revision 4297

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Future revamp:<br>
Completed the dungeon interrogation mode.<br>
Added logs for shared secrets.<br>
Improved secret sharing code to make use of existing methods instead of loops.<br>
Fixed a couple of typos in previous code.</div>

Revision 4298

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp:<br>
Fixed typos in variable names in the teacher method, also changed the variables names to be more readable.</div>

Revision 4299

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Revamp: Redesigned work picture selection</p>
<p>Work picture is now Relax unless specified otherwise in Game_Brothel.handle_girl_log<br>
The pattern is kept in girl.log.picture_pattern</p>
<p>This setup ensures that the picture is picked based on activities during the day of the activity and not some other weekday (fixes an off by one day issue)</p>
<p>Currently the design relies on patterns provided by JOBS. However it could be a good idea to make a new DB structure for patterns.<br>
Certain jobs could benefit from multiple picture sets, such as DUNGEON where mistress and punished shouldn't rely on the same pictures.</div>

Revision 4300

<div class="markdown_content"><p>New tileset added. Difficulty of Deril and final two Mohawk encounters greatly increased. New "gatekeeper" added during Siege to deter unprepared parties.</div>

Revision 4301

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed Niji island sound puzzle to reset itself after loading a savegame unless already completed.<br>
Added the possibility of playing the notes after getting the sound puzzle wrong or after completion.</div>

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Revision 4275 - Revision 4279

Revision 4275

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Map number reservations for 2nd branch of Niji Island. Minor dialogue revision to include a characters real name.</div>

Revision 4276

<div class="markdown_content"><p>New area: Niji island ravine. Still very much a work in progress.</div>

Revision 4277

<div class="markdown_content"><p>New lava and rocks autotile. Continuing updates to Niji Lava Fields. Locked out area (since it's not complete yet)</div>

Revision 4278

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Update to Niji Lava Fields geography. Hoping to have the quest fully live by this weekend.</div>

Revision 4279

<div class="markdown_content"><p>future revamp : fixed a typo in a customer xml,<br>
modified the accept offer system to take girl standing in account (data of standing_gold_expectancy still needs to be updated pending customer classes changes)</div>

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Revision 4257 - Revision 4274

Revision 4257

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Renamed files in 9 folders in Graphics\Pictures.... </p>
Death Note - Misa Amane<br>
Detective Conan - Ai Haibara<br>
Dragon Ball - Android 18<br>
"" - Bulma Briefs<br>
"" - Videl<br>
Dragon Quest 4 - Alena<br>
"" - Maya<br>
"" - Meena<br>
"" - Nera</p>
<p>Files in folder were renamed to a "JOB #.jpg" format.<br>
-"Job #" necessary to function in-game<br>
-".jpg" extension to avoid file doubles with the same name, but different extension</p>
<p>Please contact me, GrinFire, if you happen to commit a change that deals with Graphics\Pictures. I'm going in alphabetical order, np when it is done before I get to the corresponding alphabet. </p>
<p>Thanks All,<br>
Trial Intern</div>

Revision 4258

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added more pictures for Slayers - Lina Inverse</div>

Revision 4259

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added spreadsheets directory and added actor picture statistics in it</div>

Revision 4260

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed the dying old man house in the desert, it will no longer transport you back outside unless you are actually facing the door.</div>

Revision 4261

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Fixed Slums Hunter diamond ring quest for older savegames, it should now work as intended on all cases.<br>
Please make note that if you equipped the ring to someone you will not find another and you will not be able to give it to the hunter, unequip the ring before talking to the hunter.</div>

Revision 4262

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Restored Turn 0 Conditionals to troop code, event checking was missing during initialization.<br>
Fixes the following:<br>
Cocatrices will not be found in the forest during the night anymore, they will be swapped with Basilisks now.<br>
Spider Queen and Spider Princesses will now summon the minions as soon as the battle start instead of waiting for the first turn to start.<br>
Xalvador is now slightly more chatty during the battle start.</div>

Revision 4263

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added more spreadsheets</p>
<p>Added following info files as well as scripts to make them:<br>
dynamic sprites<br>
<p>pictures is lightly updated</div>

Revision 4264

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Spreadsheet: Removed mercenaries from the work picture count</p>
<p>No need to count them as missing pictures as they are intentionally missing those pictures<br>
Also removed the old pictures.txt since it should have been removed in the previous spreadsheet commit</div>

Revision 4265

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Enabled mouse click listening to teleporter window</p>
<p>The destinations can now be activated by clicking on the mouse button.<br>
The enter key still works and space has been added as well.</p>
<p>Also the brothel the player is currently in will no longer appear in the list.</div>

Revision 4266

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Bugfix: external scripts were not read if the path to the game had non-English characters</div>

Revision 4267

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Modified the Options menu to look more like a menu and not a ripoff of the main menu.<br>
Added Autotiles animation speed option to the Options menu, lowering this will help reduce lag in highly animated areas.</p>
<p>Dev info:<br>
Tileset rewrite now uses @@animated_autotiles_frames class variable instead of Animated_Autotiles_Frames constant to figure out the autotiles animation speed, this variable is set during Tileset initialization based on the option menu hash value (or the default 15 if said value is nil).</div>

Revision 4268

<div class="markdown_content"><p>(Revamp script)<br>
Updated save system to use the Savegames folders for storage.<br>
Savegame menu now use the dynamic sprite system.</div>

Revision 4269

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Merged Slums Hunter new quest code mistakenly reverted in revision 4252.</div>

Revision 4270

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Renamed files in 45 folders in Graphics\Pictures.... </p>
Eureka 7 - Anemone<br>
"" - Eureka<br>
Evangelion - Asuka Soryu<br>
"" - Ayanami Rei<br>
"" - Hikari Horaki<br>
"" - Mari Makinami<br>
"" - Misato Katsuragi<br>
Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet<br>
"" - Juvia Lockser<br>
"" - Levy McGarden<br>
"" - Lisanna Stauss<br>
"" - Lucy Heartfilia<br>
"" - Mirajane Strauss<br>
"" - Wendy Marvell<br>
Fate Stay Night - Illyasviel von Einzbern<br>
"" - Matou Sakura<br>
"" - Saber<br>
"" - Tohsaka Rin<br>
Final Fantasy 3 - Refia<br>
Final Fantasy 4 - Rosa Farrell<br>
"" - Rydia<br>
Final Fantasy 5 - Faris Scherwiz<br>
"" - Krile Baldesion<br>
"" - Lenna Tycoon<br>
Final Fantasy 6 - Celes Chere<br>
"" - Relm Arrowny<br>
"" - Terra Brandford<br>
Final Fantasy 7 - Aerith Gainsborough<br>
"" - Tifa Lockhart<br>
"" - Yuffie Kisaragi<br>
Final Fantasy 8 - Quistis Trepe<br>
"" - Rinoa Heartilly<br>
"" - Selphie Tilmitt<br>
Final Fantasy 9 - Beatrix<br>
"" - Garnet Til Alexandros<br>
Final Fantasy 10 - Lulu<br>
"" - Paine<br>
"" - Rikku<br>
"" - Yuna<br>
Final Fantasy 12 - Ashelia Dalmasca<br>
"" - Fran<br>
"" - Penelo<br>
Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning Farron<br>
"" - Serah Farron<br>
"" - Vanille Oerba</p>
<p>Files in folder were renamed to a "JOB #.jpg" format.<br>
-"Job #" necessary to function in-game<br>
-".jpg" extension to avoid file doubles with the same name, but different extension</p>
<p>Please contact me, GrinFire, if you happen to commit a change that deals with Graphics\Pictures. I'm going in alphabetical order, np when it is done before I get to the corresponding alphabet. </p>
<p>I was gone for a few days and felt like torturing your patience to play the game with a big revision, largest one I have done in one set, for the picture renaming. Relax, I'll likely not do another revision this big in one set again.</p>

Revision 4271

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Added more pictures + renamed one work->Work</div>

Revision 4272

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Changed .jpeg to .jpg extension on one picture</div>

Revision 4273

<div class="markdown_content"><p>Changed order of file name<br>
"Relax Onsen 1"<br>
To <br>
"Relax 14 Onsen"</div>

Revision 4274

<div class="markdown_content"><p>(Future Revamp)</p>
<p>fixed: New Menu Line 2635 crash Corrected<br>
(Old: @broNum = @subArr<span>[@subInd]</span>.broNum)<br>
(New: @broNum = @subArr<span>[@subInd]</span>.id)</div>