Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Revision 3814 - Revision 3839

Revision 3814
Edwards21: Minor music changes, getting ready for bigger update later.

Revision 3815
Parth37955: edited some stats

Revision 3816
Edwards21: Adding music to folder for use on other computer. Preparing for final audio push before new content.

Revision 3817
Lillibilli: Cleaned up the events and added missing transitions inside the Harpy's Nest.

Revision 3818
Lillibilli: Added doors to the Harpy's Nest.

Revision 3819
Edwards21: Well, unless I'm missing something (which I might be, you never know), this represents what is likely to be the final corrective audio update.
>From here, all songs should have been converted to MP3.
Songs added for Nivalis primarily, and fixed in William's Emporium (What was I thinking with Man with the Machine Gun?)
New miniboss theme added.
Couple more fixes here and there.
Here on out, music for new content.

Revision 3820
Lillibilli: Reverted MapInfos.rxdata and System.rxdata to revision 3818.
(Ed, i gave it a quick look and all the minibosses still seems to have the new music but you might want to check to make sure all the changes you made are still in this rev)

Revision 3821
Edwards21: Minor audio adjustment to correct prior borking.

Revision 3822
Edwards21: One more audio update, fixing a mistake from yesterday. New music added to Ice Cultist room, and offending problem file has been purged,

Revision 3823
Lillibilli: Fixed the spider cave and the related boss battles, the queen is now accessible again.

Revision 3824
Lillibilli: Cleaned up a couple of events from the spider cave.

Revision 3825
Edwards21: Easiest audio update ever. Music added to Desert Tribes.

Revision 3826
Lillibilli: Fixed the coconuts respawning after picking them up.
Cleaned up some maps.

Revision 3827
allcor: Removed some doubles
Renamed some pics
Fixed some pics

Revision 3828
allcor: Retsu Unohana from bleach implemented.

Revision 3829
allcor: Sakirei Kazehana and Miya Asama now have 5 work pics.

Revision 3830
allcor/rumblerose: Tina Armstrong, DOA. added by Rose

Revision 3831
allcor/rumblingrose: Added FMod support script.
Added mute/unmute button to the main menu and esc menu (will be shifted to an option menu in the future).
this is aimed at making the audio better and less laggy, but may have some unintended side effects on some looping, this will be fixed soon but reports on where it happens are welcome.
Consider this a test run, it might get reverted if problems are found.
RumblingRose also added 2 girls from Dead or Alive:
Christie and Lisa Hamilton.

Revision 3832
Lillibilli: Fixed FMod error when no rtp is installed.

Revision 3833
Lillibilli: Fixed multiple buzzer sounds playing when selecting a job in the job assignment menu.
Minor fix to a couple of xmls.

Revision 3834
allcor: 3 new Girls this time!
Bleach - Arisawa Tatsuki
update of Bleach - Retsu Unohana
Rose made 2,
Dead or Alive - Leifang
Slayers - Lina Inverse

Revision 3835
Lillibilli: Fixed the autosave, the main menu "Continue" option will no longer break the game (only works for new autosaves, old ones will crash the game when loaded).
Fixed the weather not playing the appropriate sounds when activating after the fmod update.
Added weather data to the script for all currently released maps. (enjoy the rain and day/night cycle all over the world)

Revision 3836
Lillibilli: Fixed id conflict between 2 girls rendering Retsu Unohana unobtainable.
Revision 3837
allcor: small fix, should make it so faris_scherwiz her clothes show up normally.

Revsion 3838 - 3839
Edwards21/Lillibilli: Fixed the Girl Management tag feature crash during the end of day report.
Unversioned DayLog.txt

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Revision 3796 - Revision 3813

Revision 3796
Edwards21: Boss Theme Update test and music upload.

Revision 3797
Edwards21: Boss themes! Be warned, most of these are untested, so please report any bugs! Also some additional volume corrections. That's going to be going on for a while. Owl scene no longer messes with volume!
Terra - FF6 "Decisive Battle"
Tifa - FF7 "Those who Fight Further"
Kasumi - Warriors Orochi 3 "Vivid Ryu"
Ayane - Warriors Orochi 3 "Tehu"
Android 18 - Xenoblade "Those who Get In Our Way"
Diabolos - NieR "The Dark Colossus Destroys All"
Cinderwing - Chrono Cross "Dragon God"

Revision 3798
Allcor: added Levy Mcgarden, updated some other Fairy tail chars.

Revision 3799
Allcor: Forgot to remove hidden traits section from girl Stats.xml template. This caused the game to crash while starting up. 

Revision 3800 - Revision 3801
Parth37955: edited some more stats. Would really appreciate some feedback at

Revision 3802
Edwards21: This covers 3800 and this update.
New songs added; Lighthouse, Mine dungeon, Terra's theme.
Slum dock music removed, sum main theme stretched to compensate.
Lenna / Faris scene replaced with temporary music. .MIDs can die in a fire, they take too long to load.
Volumes adjusted at Lon Lon Ranch during Malon quest.
Whole bunch of music deleted from BGM folder to make downloading a bit easier. It doesn't need to be a work folder.
As always, please report any bugs or errors.

Revision 3803
Lillbilli: Released the Phoenix Flower brothel, it requires Aerith quest completion for access.
Fixed the gragon roaring after his death.
Fixed clipping issues on the salt beach.
Replaced the seashell graphic in the salt beach.

Revision 3804
Edwards21: Piano Man volumes adjusted/

Revision 3805
Edwards21: More Piano Man updates, Tavern, Ranch, and Phoenix now have working piano-men.

Revision 3806
Edwards21: One more audio update. Music updated for beach brothel and Faris / Lenne quest.

Revision 3807
Allcor: small update fixing some insignificant stuff.

Revision 3808
Amaguriken: Removed the lostwood wand and mage staff dupes from the city salesman.

Revision 3809
Lillibilli: Replaced the seashell graphic again, this time with something better fitting.
Fixed a missing tile from the map east of the ranch.
Fixed some birds blocking the path of the player.
Fixed Rift map not being accessible form the south and slightly adapted the map to better fit the other neighboring maps.
Some map cleanup.
Another batch of relationships xml updates.

Revision 3810
Lillibilli: Removed the placeholder spider from Yuffie quest's battle.

Revision 3811
Edwards21: Music correction: apparently I put a dungeon theme in a town area. Oops.
Corrected a line of script that was commented out. (Multiple Resolution Kit Line 55).

Revision 3812
Lillibilli: The doors to not bought brothels are now locked.
Minor tilesets edits, flowers near the forest are now passable, rocks and logs are not.

Revision 3813
Lillibilli: Slightly changed the farmer quest, now you can decide whatever or not to try bribing the sailor.
Now the sailor will not accept the bribe if you don't have enough money.
Fixed Nivallis case of missing doors, fixed the tileset to disallow climbing on the brick house.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Revision 3772 - Revision 3795

Revision 3772
Allcor: nassun's Face fixes + some other pics I found.

Revision 3773
Parth37955: altered farmer's quest slightly.

Revision 3774
Parth37955: minor spelling checks. added danger levels to signs.

Revision 3775
Parth37955: edited some stats. Will do more. If there are any complaints, comments, or suggestion,, please go to and I'll try to fix any mistakes and/or add more traits.

Revision 3776
Allcor: Small update, Still not happy with quality of Ishizu's pics.
Also added jawbraker to Viper so she isn't useless until I can make her skills.

Revision 3777
Lillibilli: Nothing to see for players.
Updated the scripts.
First fix for the phoenix flower.

Revision 3778
Lillibilli: Updated the first batch of xmls with relationships.

Revision 3779
Edwards21: (do not know what was added) 

Revision 3780
Lillibilli: Some more work on the Phoenix Flower.

Revision 3781
Lillibilli: More work on the Phoenix Flower.
Fixed Lord Yuppa house and the tavern, sorry about that.

Revision 3782
Parth37955: edited some stats. (Wish they would say who they edited)

Revision 3783
Parth37955: edited a few more stats. ( -.- )

Revision 3784
Edwards21: Notes update

Revision 3785
Lillibilli: Fixed the noble intro, again sorry about that. :(
More work on the phoenix brothel. 

Revision 3786
Edwards21: Big audio update. 
Several songs added. Some older, redundant songs removed. Character intro music completely redone. Character themes for all playable characters. Volumes normalized to -5 dBu and 75% in-game. "Hills of Radiant Wind" (Field Theme) replaced with "Neighboring Infinity" (Pastoral for the farm). City, Slums, Heartland volumes corrected, more yet to come.

Revision 3787
Lillibilli: Even more work on the Phoenix Flower.

Revision 3788
Lillibilli: Finished work on the Phoenix Flower, not released yet, pending approval.

Revision 3789
Edwards21: Big audio update #2!
R-R-R-Remix! Zozo, Tavern, and Aeris/Aerith themes given new mixes. 
Additional music added to Tavern Brothel and Noble intro.
More volume control and reduction.

Revision 3790
Lillibilli: Second batch of relationships updates for the xml files.

Revision 3791
Lillibilli: Cleaned up some maps.

Revision 3792
Edwards21: More audio updating. Main characters have theme songs now! Hear them in their intros, and eventually, at specific story points! Also adjusted some more volumes.

Revision 3793
Edwards21: Audio update

Revision 3794
Edwards21: THIS IS A TEST. Updated Kasumi and Ayane fight stats and sprites. No more spiders!

Revision 3795
Edwards21: Updated battleback for Japan Mixed (why was it Port Town)? Kasumi is confirmed to work. No test on Ayane yet.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Revision 3763 - Revision 3770

Revision 3763

Lillibilli: Improved keyboard support for item, equip and skills menus (both normal and battle ones for item and skills), fixed teleporter not spawning in the Ring of Fire brothel.

Revision 3764

 Lillibilli: Fixed typos and missing dialogs in holo quest, evangelion quest and a guard in the mountain town.  Added a warning for a randomly placed teleport leading to the depths of oblivion (aka missing map).

Revision 3765

Lillibilli: rebalanced mages weapons to give attacks, it is likely far from balanced.
lowered yetis magical def to match the physical one

Revision 3766

Lillibilli: Fixed mountain dungeon event incorrectly respawning, fixed torches in mountain dungeon to animate, fixed torches animation.

Revision 3767

Lillibilli: Fixed barkeep's wife talking as if she was him.
Fixed variable check for starting Android 18 quest. (RumblingRose)
Fixed desert scorpions despawning.
Fixed ice cavern exit sign.
Slightly fixed nivalis tileset.

Revision 3768

Lillibilli: Re-added the magical defence to the yetis.
Fixed layering and tileset of nivalis, no more playing spiderman on the houses.
Fixed the snowball fight in nivalis to not give you a girl for no apparent reason.
Added a very easy fight to the snowball event, don't bully them too much they are kids after all...

Revision 3769

Lillibilli: Fixed Terra quest text during the bedroom scene, there was a special character that was messing up the text.
Fixed crash when entering the desert tribes map with some pc configurations.
Tweeked some events and corrected some typos in the desert viper quest.

Revision 3770

Lillibilli: Fixed the farmer quest.
Added the farmer quest to the questlog.
Slightly improved the island tileset pathing.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Revision 3757 - Revision 3762

Revision 3757
Parth37955: finally got around to making a quest. New one on island starter. talk to the farmer.

Revision 3758
Lillibilli: RumblingRose, CanineInstincts and ForeverFairEnough: "New dungeon in the mountain town mine, requires completion of foreman quest, players who have already completed the foreman quest need to re-enter the dungeon twice for quest to start. Please report any glitches or feedback on the forums or chat"

Revision 3759
Lillibilli: fixed missing sprites and battle background.

Revision 3760
Darkheart8500: altered flea market layering of trees and tents.

Revision 3761
Lillibilli: Brothel menu update, now with keyboard compatibility, also a new layout for some things.
while this is based on work done for the brothel update to come, no new features are implemented yet.

Revision 3762
Lillibilli: removed a cause of a message loop when trying to sing in at an unowned brothel, fixed work room girls dialog check.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Revision 3738 - Revision 3756

Revision 3738
Rvs82191: ok now i'm done with quest do it and enjoy the prerequisites are having the ranch and the dungeon installed on the ranch.

Revision 3739
Lillibilli: Fixed the crash for when the player who has a job in a brothel sings in for the night in another one.
Added a check to avoid the player exiting the brothel if they have a job in the first place.

Revision 3740
Lillibilli: nothing to see here for players, just some fixed variables names to avoid future conflicts with new quests.

Revision 3741
Rvs82191: (I don't know what he added in the patch)

Revision 3742
Darkheart8500: tree cutting is temporarily unavailable till we can figure out how to upgrade it.

Revision 3743
Lillibilli: temporarily removed the interaction with the doctor guy in the slums market, he seems to be the cause of the girls stuck problem, if the bug still happens let me know.

Revision 3744
Lillibilli: (don't know what is added)

Revision 3745
Lillibilli: fixed Malon quest to show her knocked out sprite, Fixed Terra quest version of the forest to look like the normal one, Fixed Ayane/Kasumi quest getting stuck if the choice to bring Kasumi to Ayane was taken, Fixed filenames for some dynamic sprites.

Revision 3746
Lillibilli: Fixed crash when trying to escape battle with the main character dead. minor touch up to the golden tiara and light robe dynamic sprites.

Revision 3747
Lillibilli: Added Lingerie dynamic sprite for the 4 body types that were missing it.

Revision 3748
Lillibilli: Readded the lumberjack quest, added missing combat classes.

Revision 3749
Allcor: (Don't know)

Revision 3750
Lillibilli: (Don't know)

Revision 3751
Lillibilli: Fixed the bug that allowed gaining the medic trait while having Medic(Chakra), fixed vanishing of the wrong npc at the entrance of Ry'Leh, removed the climbable wall to get behind the hydra.

Revision 3752
Lillibilli: Fixed typo that caused some of the dynamic sprite items to not work on the loli body type, fixed a misaligned pic in Ry'Leh.

Revision 3753
Allcor: little Viper quest update, changed 'forcefield' and completed questlog.

Revision 3754
Allcor: Some fixes on maps and pictures. Nassun on the forum gave some face pics. Looked at other pics as well.  Staligmites in the mountaintown mine now block and show on top of player. 
all desert npc's now face correctly after actions. 

Revision 3755
Allcor: Various Fixes