Sunday, August 31, 2014

Revision 3687 - 3690

Revision 3687
Proof the mountain city's pub and mine. 

Revision 3688
Reword a sentence in the mountain pub.

Revision 3689
Clean up a couple errant tiles (one in slum center, the other outside beach brothel.

Revision 3690
Fix the beach brothel bunk area maps so that trying to talk to sleeping characters no longer crashes the game.

Revision 3685 & 3686

Revision 3685
Changed how tips are calculated based on clothing. Before, lingerie wouldn't stack with dance dress, and other dress types had no effect. Now all dress types have an effect, and lingerie stacks.

Surely you dress your girls in the best anyway, right? But for the more cut-throat among-st you, it's now good money to do so too.

See "bugfix5" in Actor.

Revision 3686 
Add some text to empty signs, and change some other signs from up/down/left/right to north/south/west/east.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Revision 3676 - 3684

Revision 3676 Fix some trivial grammar and spelling glitches in some parts of the opening tutorial.

Revision 3677  I missed one map (the sorceress' memories) when updating the slum center. Also fixed some 
typos while there.

Revision 3678 Removed a superfluous him/her from girl log when girl is a sadist and took it out on a customer. See "bugfix2" in Actor script.

Revision 3679 Fixed some capitalization errors in the daily log. See several "bugfix3" comments in each Actor and Brothel scripts.

Revision 3680 Several jobs never changed traits at the end of the day, due to the difference between integer and float division in Ruby in Actor / check_special(). Furthermore, for those jobs where the chance wasn't zero, the odds were really bad. I noted that the stat var was unused in the function, and replacing the (misguided) job[:jobStat] in the calculation with stat produces more satisfying results for trait changes. I'm guessing stat was what was originally there, but Subversion history reveals nothing about why (or even if) that was changed See "bugfix4" in Actor. 

Revision 3681 Proof the descriptions of all brothels, and also update the text shown during the tour of the first three buildings at game start. Sadly, none of this will be observable except with new games.

Revision 3682 Proof the path-of-destiny room, where a new player decides which character to play.

Revision 3683 Make it impossible for a player to escape the slum center map until they have bought a girl. Also fixed a glitch which would sometimes cause the player to talk to the slaver with 0 gold -- no doubt a confusing event.

Revision 3684 Proof all conversations in the volcano city map.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Revision 3674

Revision 3672 Changed the ending to the quest ishizu ishtar from 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Revision 3673

Revision 3673 Change the roof for the beach brothel.

Revisions 3671 & 3672

Revision 3671 Fix some exceptions that would occur in the main area of the beach building, and also increased the area near a doorway where a player can transition between rooms.

Revision 3672 Fix a crash caused by girls with dreamwalker trait. Search for "bugfix" in Actor / Couple / Party.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revision 3669

As of Revision 3669 we have added some dancers animations and well as some torture ones and updated picture for multiple characters.

Holo - Wolf and Spice
Yusaki Rito - To Love Ru
Yui Kotegawa - To Love Ru
Yami Konjiki - To Love Ru
Alleyne - Queen's Blade

Saturday, August 23, 2014


First I would like to say I am sorry to our fans with the lack of posts.  I have been busy with stuff in real life, that I did not have time to post here.  I will try to post more often now, I just want you all to know that we are still working on the game with some new stuff.  Also I may get a new person to post more update regularly then I would be able too.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Some info about the upcoming update

These are three posts that come from the game forum and that give details about the upcoming update. :

Ok Been a while since we've communicated about the game. Two main points i want to talk about today : 

1) Some of the bugs many of you have been having (the ones with a very long error message) are due to a new system intended to keep saves compatible with new revisions. However, it is not fully finished yet.
Depending on how fast the coder in charge finishes it, we might have to cut it before the next major revision ( in which case, that revision will be save-breaking). 

2) This is the main point of today's message. Those who have been around the chat recently know that we intend a cleaning and complete rebalance of both Battle and Brothel Systems. Today i'll present you the main lines of the Brothel one, which is what i've been working on for the past two months or so : 

Ok so as of now, the brothel system seems a bit lackluster, which isn't good for something called Sim Brothel ^^ We figured it was due to roughly two things : being successful looks too random and you don't have enough ways to tweak the systems. I feel we've taken steps to improve on both these issues. Let me explain how we've done it

First, a complete revamp of the customer system. The Customer class (Sailor, Merchant, Soldier, Noble, Mage,.....) is now much more involved when a new customer is generated. It will define not only the money the customer has but also character traits ( mages are sadists, but usually patient, Merchants are generally stingy,....)

In term of gameplay, Each class will a set of possible traits, that will be chosen (or not) at customer creation. Those traits have effects on what the customers want to have in your brothel ( an alcoholic will want a bar, a sadist a submissive girl,...) but also affects how they behave in the brothel (stingy guys won't leave tips for example)

This will allow to choose the right girls to put in a brothel based on its clientele. 
To better modelize that clientele and its evolution, we're replacing the Brothel Reputation by a dynamic customer market. Basically you'll see the chance that any new customer is of a certain class in a dedicated menu, and the evolution of that market depends mainly on which customers classes are most satisfied with your brothel. Let me take an example.

Let's say a Ship Captain comes into your brothel and finds it very much to his liking. He'll be talking about it with other Ship Captains in a bar, but maybe also to the Merchants and Dockers he works with, or to his Sailors. 

What it means is that each class will have a bunch of related classes that it will influence (in good or bad). Make a good Brothel for Ship Captains, and you'll see more Merchants and Dockers pop into it ^^

Ok that's all for the Customer part of the system. Now let's see what new ways you have to tweak your brothels :

A new sub menu in the brothel will be the Decisions menu (name not final ^^) . Here you'll have several things in which you need to make a choice, each choice having positive and negative effects that help you customize your brothel even more, let me give you some examples : 

- You can decide which customers have priority when choosing a girl, the ones that have been waiting the most, the ones with most money or maybe the ones with the highest social rank. The ones that are left waiting might not take it lightly ^^

-Bouncers have now more ways to decide which customers they prevent from getting in ( money, social class, some physical traits)

-some of your facilities can now be put to customer's use (to entertain them while they wait), this includes Onsen and Cook. note that if you do so, you lose the positive effects they had for girls, but you also open new job slots ( Waitress, Onsen Attendant) 

- additionally Cook and Bar can now decide which type of product they sell ( for the bar, you can have for example, normal drink, non-alcoholic, laced with aphrodisiac,....), each with different effect and maintenance cost. Some will also need an obedience check to work. (a Cook won't drug her fellow slaves easily)

There are more but i'll leave you the surprise ^^.

Added to that, there'll also be a rework of the algorithms to make early game a bit easier and xp gain more interesting.

Please do not spam that thread, here is the thread you can use to react and propose suggestions :

2nd  Post :

Ok so i'm gonna be late in releasing the update, so i'm gonna talk about it a bit instead to make you wait ^^

let's focus on one particular point for today : how bouncers now work :

First, you'll now have a choice of what criteria bouncers are using to repel new customers. Those criteria will be in the Bouncer Management sub menu which you'll be able to access either from the Management menu and the Bouncer Assignment menu. in that menu you'll have a choice between 4 types of criteria  (only one at a time) : gold, social class, physical traits, and mental traits. Depending on the choice, the second part of the menu changes : 

-gold : you have to choose a gold value, customers with less than that will be repelled

-social class : you can choose up to two customer classes that will be repelled

-physical traits : you can choose up to three customer physical traits that will be repelled

-mental traits : same as physical. Though the option causes a restriction on the bouncer. Only characters with psychic or mind-reading abilities will be able to become bouncer when that option is choosed

Now that's the theory, in practice, it works a little bit differently :

a customer comes. he is stopped by a bouncer taken at random amongst the available assigned bouncers ( i'll explain in a minute what can make a bouncer unavailable)  if he follows the guidelines, he can enter, else that's where the fun things actually starts. 

in that last case, the customer will try to bargain  his way in. he can use several methods based on his traits, a charming customer will seduce the girl, a talkative one talk his way through, a brutish one will bully the bouncer, some may also try to bribe her. that's just a few examples. Each possibility will result in a test of obedience of the girl modified by her reactions to the attempt ( a shy and reserved girl has high chance to be bullied, a greedy girl will easily accept money, a lusty one will get seduced without too many issues).

if the test result is positive, the girl doesn't let the customer pass, giving her a boost in obedience and whichever stat was involved in the test

if it is negative, the customer enters and it has some effects on the girl based on the type of attempts the customer made. for example bullying will make the girl exhausted for a short time ( and thus unavailable) and lose a small amount of vigor, seducing will have the same effects but also satisfy her lust a bit (i'll let you imagine what happened there ^^). a bribed girl will keep the gold for her secret stash.
in all cases, the girl involved will not be revealed but will be kept a secret by the bouncers ( so that she isn't punished)

Which brings me to the second point of the day, girls now have secrets and share secrets based on their relationship with each other and with you.

the type of secrets they can keep : 
 -they noticed something weird while traveling with you
- one of their customers mentioned some interesting info
- the place where they hide the gold and stuff they steal
- their feelings about other girls or yourself.
- they disobeyed and weren't caught immediately

secrets will be shared by girls with high relationship to each other, if they are in the same brothel.  to get a secret revealed to you, three possibilities : 
  -the girl will come and tell you by herself
-the girl will tell you when you talk to her (only happen with high obedience or relationship)
- you put her in the dungeon functionning in the new Interrogation mode.
Edit : someone mentioned rightfully that she could reveal secrets when she's your bedwarmer too, so i'll be adding that

when the secret is revealed to you, you have several possible actions :
  - reward the girl who told you the secret (if it isn't hers), she gains obedience, relationship to you, morale, will be more likely to share other stuff, but decrease her relationship with all other girls
-punish the secret holder, increase obedience, decrease vigor, morale and relationship
-act on the info (for noticing something weird, of interesting info, it usually means a quest, for the hidden stash, it means getting back the stolen stuff, for the feelings, it can be forming a vip couple with two girls in love with each other)

ok that concludes the two features i wanted to talk about today, next time we'll see what happens to a customer that has managed to enter the brothel ^^

as usual , post your comments and questions here :

3rd post :

Our customer has now managed to get past the bouncers and is entering the welcoming hall of the brothel. This is the place when the customers choose their girls. Here is where a new job comes up : The Hostess. But let's first look at how things go when there is no hostess selected :

The customers that are in the welcoming hall are customers that just came to the brothel or some that just came back from the entertaining area ( bar, stage, stuff ^^). They choose a girl amongst the available ones, on e at a time. The order in which they are able to choose is random. The issue is customers don't like to wait and don't like to be left over. So the farther they are in the queue to get a girl , the worse their mood gets. If when the queue gets to them, there are no girls available (or if a girl refuses them), it will get even worse. I'll get into the exact process of the girl accepting an offer later.

So that's basically the system when you don't have an hostess, a random mess that angers customers ^^

The role of the Hostess is twofold : First she'll allow you to choose the ordering of the customers. For example put the most wealthy customers first, or the highest class ones, or the ones that have been waiting there for the longest. 
That helps you to control which kind of brothel you want to make.

The second role is even more important, she improves the mood of customers in the queue. Charisma and beauty will be the most important stats here since she will talk and seduce the customers to keep their mood up. 

As usual, that's the theory, since customers will use as many tricks as they can to convince the hostess to cut the line, buying, talking or seducing their way through. Repeat customers with good reputation will also have a bonus to manage.

I realize i've been talking about customer mood for some time but i haven't explained how it works. Basically, each customer start with two variables happiness and excitement, which becomes anger and boredom when they are negative. The higher the values, the most bonus you'll get from them. For example, a very excited customer will almost pay any price to get a girl, a happy customer will increase your brothel reputation faster than an unhappy one ( or decrease it slower). Several customer traits will control the speed at which these variables increase or decrease. 

Ok that's all for today, it was a bit smaller than last time but next will be larger, since our customer will be able to choose his girl ^^

as usual, comments, questions and suggestions here :

I hope you'll have fun with this update, don't hesitate to ask questions