Friday, August 31, 2012

Sim Brothel 2: Revival

Sim Brothel: Rebirth Hentai version .03 official beta release. Hello, viewers this is Aalonadark and I am happy to announce the next upcoming release of beta version .03 of Sim Brothel: Rebirth. As many of you are aware of our game there is a bunch of new thing that will be in the next version. More Girls have been added and there will be further updates in the blog on who gets added in the game. More quests have been added to the game as well. A unique story line and speeches have been added for all the playable characters.
Along with another character in development the pirate hero. Items and weapons had a complete overhaul, to allow players more options as well as having girls join in your battle party. A skill system has been added  for players, so they can use girls with various skill to help them in their story and manage their brothels.
Background music will also make its way in the game update. More Brothel areas including beach brothel and ranch. The city and the markets in the city have also been worked. New system on how girls work in the brothel so now you will see an increase in money gained from them working.

Updated the menu when you click status on your girls you see their traits as well. Reworked the Alchemy system. Now girls with special job and combat traits available. World map is also in development, as well as new areas to explore.

Currently Hentai Sim Brothel: Rebirth is in the Development stage and is only available to people who help work the game. The live version will be available soon so stay tuned.

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Not a developer? Do you want to help make the game grow? Here is how

We could use more talented people who will see us through the dev version .03 and more.

You can also join our forums and send Private messages to our head developers.

Programmers: Black_Imperator, Dullman
Storyline/Quests: Shinteo
Music: Lightwister
Spriting/char makers: Aalona or Aalonadark in chat
Mappers: Lightwister

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